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The Cynic Smiles


Disclaimer/teaser: All of what I've written here, is a deeply thought-out maybe. Read, enjoy, take a wander in my wild mind with me and see me smile. I'm not trying to convince anyone of anything.

I'm without power tonight. Edit: My house is without power. Whole neighborhood, actually. It's funny how the world works, the universe flexes and our little infrastructures of power that we've created just zap out like tiny gnats being swatted by a giant.

I, however, am not without power. I have the power to do so many things, in this moment. This is coming out sounding pretty silly right now, but I'm going with it. I have a feeling this is going to start weird and end big, my mind is on a bit of a tear. The power is out, and it's what I've decided to do with my time. I'm thinking about the different types of power that exist - their sources, their effects, and how then can be harnessed.

The way I see it, there are many, many different types of power, and they all come from the same source: energy. Here are the types of power I'm considering at the moment:

  • Physical Power: In physics, to put it simply, energy is the ability to do work. Mechanical, chemical, electromagnetic, electrical, thermal, sound, and nuclear. Physical power of course falls into this category.

  • Mental Power: Still, a derivative of the above. Because what are our mental capacities if not entirely based upon capacities such as the chemical, electrical, and mechanical functions of the cells that make up our minds?

  • Emotional Power: This falls under mental, because feelings are our mind's creation.

  • Social Power: Again, minds at work here. Minds leading, minds following. See above.

  • Political Power: I repeat. Above.

  • Manifestation Power: I don't even know if this is real, but I find myself thinking of it frequently. I'll explain more below, however, for now I'll simply state that again, energy is behind this wheel. This is the one I really want to talk about.

So really, power in all of its forms, is energy at work.


If you have been through some schooling in scientific fields, you may remember this one: Energy is transferrable but cannot be created or destroyed. This is the law of conservation of energy.

Whenever power is exerted, energy is transferred. Actually, when just about anything happens, energy is transferred.

Eating cereal, are you? Can you possibly fathom the energy transfers that have taken place to make you that bowl of cereal, which you are consuming in order to allow your body to transfer it to the forms of energy your body needs to survive? To make the dirt in which the grains were grown, to form the sun under which the plants grow, to form seeds on said plants, to build vehicles to cut the plants down, to birth humans who shall drive the vehicles, build the silos, the factories, the recipes, the boxes, the grocery stores, the carts, the bags, the registers, your bowl, the milk from the cows... you get the idea.

Energy is everywhere. And although as an intellectual, part of me wants to throw the whole manifestation idea out the window and scoff, "Magic, you say? Please." - I cannot. Because none of us can possibly fully understand all of the ways that energy could be, might be, transferring around us. Everything we know about science is constantly changing. We are, in fact, observers. We can't possibly see it all at once.

The Power to Manifest

There are those who believe in the manifestation of one's thoughts. Manifestation as defined by the Oxford Dictionary is:

  1. The action or fact of showing an abstract idea.

  2. A symptom or sign of an ailment.

From the above, we can derive that in simpler form, the word describes an apparition of something that underlies said apparition.

This popular and heavily discussed idea of manifestation has to do with essentially focusing and/or intensifying your thoughts in a way that will result in the thoughts becoming reality. People have claimed to be able to manifest their wildest dreams: love, money, belongings, careers, happiness, and lifelong contentment. This is where initially, I was a total, eye-rolling, skeptic. Bullshit, right? You think about money, you get money. Get out of here with that nonsense.

But, when you pick it apart, it starts to make a bit more sense. And don't get mad at me for picking it apart, believers, it's what I do, it's how I learn. I don't believe anything anybody says. I accept no belief at face value. I must undergo my internal process of curiosity, questioning, digging, and learning.

Again, I remind you, EVERY thing that we do - everything - is fueled by energy. From a breath of air, to shedding a tear, to even just gazing at something. And if you hold to the idea that energy is transferrable and never lost, that means that it is affecting outcomes. Every thought, motion, stolen glance, emotion felt... these are energy in action, and actions have reactions.

Think about that for a moment - really think about it - every single thought or feeling that you have, is energy moving around in your brain.

It comes from somewhere - your cereal, for example. At some point, it also goes somewhere. Where? That's the big question for me. Where does the energy go? What does it affect next? Does it rattle around in your brain forever? My guess is not, for then you'd be sucking up energy and not letting it go, for the rest of your life.

So my thought is - and I'm not calling it a belief intentionally, like I said above, discussing a maybe - my thought is that this energy, maybe, goes out into the world in ways that I certainly do not comprehend at this point in time. And at the risk of sounding like the Ancient Aliens guy here, could it be possible, that this energy that is expelled by your thoughts, is somehow actually affecting, your mind, your actions, the world around you, in such a way that does line things up for a higher likelihood of the manifestation of said thoughts? ALIENS.

Just kidding, not aliens. But I think the answer to the question prior to "ALIENS.", is yes. At the very least you're likely affecting your own future thoughts and decisions subconsciously. That's brain chemistry, and that's physics. That is neuropsychology. And beyond that, what else? What else could be affected? There are SO many possibilities.

The Cynic Smiles

And this is how I, my friends, a goofy little cynic who doesn't believe in magic, smile at the endless possibilities of my own power, on this beautiful powerless night. 42 years old and I've never felt it so much in my life.

How powerful do you feel right now?

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