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Well, here goes nothing...

First Bits

Or, does here go something? At this point it's a bit hard to tell.

What I do know, is that I need this. We all need something, don't we? Especially if you don't know it yet, I bet you need something - a way to feel connected, or heard, or perhaps just a way to hear yourself out loud. I do. So here I am, writing again. It's been too long.

The great thing about doing this, and sharing it with others, is that I truly believe deep down that we are all so similar, despite how insanely different we are. I mean, sometimes I swear I feel like I must be an alien. A flawed human. Some kind of glob of molecules that was accidentally slapped together and is now lurching around doing various human-like things. I also ponder normal things, like why am I single, why doesn't [insert observed shiny life-thing here] work out for me, why don't I have that cleanly-scrubbed life I see so many others boasting about online, and so on. But that all can't be real. Scratch that, it may be real but it is most definitely not the whole story, because we are all molecule globs. Seriously. And therein lies the connection.

Upcoming Bits

So, here is what I intend to do. For those of you who know me, who know my mind and what it's like when I pour it out, you're most likely either intrigued and smiling, or feeling something that resembles "oh shit". Either way, I will do "the thing".

"The thing": (I will enhance my eloquence here a bit) Each day has so many moments, so many considerations to be had. There is pain, there are smiles, there is fear, hearts race, stomachs jump and turn, and sometimes there is space into which we simply stare. We set foot into new and old territories, and we face what we find there. In different ways. Every. Single. Time. There are so many moments found and left behind in the abyss of each day. As I find and leave my moments, I'd like to share what it's like for me, with you. And if you have things you'd like to share back, I'd love to hear them.

It's time to send some things into the abyss, together.

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